Schedule of Services

Church School: 10:00 am

​Worship Service: 11: 30 am​*

     *1st & 3rd Sundays

Communion: 3rd Sunday

​Wednesday Night Bible Study: 6: 00 pm

Morning Glory Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1943 under the guidance and leadership of the late Rev. C. H Green. The pioneers who were instrumental in the organizing were: Rev. Harry Hines, Sr., Deacon Willie Rickerson, Sister Lula Rickerson, Deacon Jonas Richardson, Sister Mary Richardson, Rev. Lewis, and Deacon Davis. These have gone from labor to reward.

In the early days church service was held in different venues, St. Paul Holiness, Emory Chapel United Methodist, New Freewill Baptist, even the auditorium of Wayne County Training School (currently Martha Rawls Smith), to mention a few places. When it was decided it was time to build their own place of worship many members and friends contributed in many different ways. The initial site was proposed on Poplar Street, but with fortitude and perseverance these early pioneers forged ahead overcoming many obstacles.

The construction of the building was done with a labor of LOVE by the likes of Deacon T. B. Trice, Deacon Will Moody, Deacon Herman Hines, and Brother Meeker Walker. Even the sons of Deacon Trice; William, Leon, and Lonzie, pitched in after school. Although the majority of the work was done by these men, there were times when other laborers were hired for certain jobs.

Church History


Rev. Daniel M. Smith, Pastor

Rev. C. H. Green was Morning Glory’s first pastor. He served as pastor from its organizing until his death October 9, 1972.Three Deacons were ordained under the pastoral of Rev. Green. They were Robert Rushing, Herman Hines, and T. B. Trice. Robert Grant was the first person baptized after the church was organized. Deacon Sylvester Ware served as the first Chairman of the Deacon Ministry. Others serving in the office of Chairman were Deacons Elijah Davis, Robert Rushing, Les Wallace, Jonas Richardson, and T. B. Trice.

After Rev. Green’s death, Rev. W. C. Mobley was called and installed as Pastor. During his pastoral, Bob Jones, Melvin Mobley, and Luke McKever were ordained deacons. Deacon Les Wallace joined Morning Glory during Rev. Mobley’s pastoral. Chairman of the deacons was Deacon T. B. Trice. The first youth choir was organized by Sisters Ruth Trice and Carrie Mobley while Rev. Mobley was pastor. In 1978 Rev. Mobley was called to pastor another church and resigned from Morning Glory. With his resignation, Rev. J. C. Williams became the church’s third leader.

In February 1978, Rev. J. C. Williams was installed. Pastor Williams saw that a porch was added to the building, a baptismal installed, a P. A. system installed, and building fund started. The late Sister Mary Trice and the late Sister Mae Grant served as youth directors under Pastor Williams. As Pastor, he ordained George Dunigan and Robert Grant as deacons. In 1982 Deacon Herman Hines took the reins of the Deacon Ministry after the passing of Deacon T. B. Trice. But in May 2001, the LORD called Deacon Hines home. Deacon Melvin Mobley was then appointed Chairman and served the office until his health prevented him to serve. So, in 2003 Deacon George Dunigan was appointed Chair and currently fills that office.

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

Early 1994 a search committee was organized to seek out a Pastor after the death of Rev. Williams in April of 1994. They interviewed several candidates before calling Rev. Bruce Roundtree in October 1994. His installation was on February 16, 1995. During his pastoral James C. Grant and Shelby Holmes, Jr. were ordained deacons. Under his leadership the renovation of the church was started, a church van was purchased, Wednesday night bible study was initiated, a church handbook completed by The late Sister Mary Trice and Sister Mary Holmes, and youth counselling for middle and high school students. Rev. Roundtree served faithfully until his death on January 21, 2009.

Rev. Willie F. Davis and Rev. David McCall served as interim pastors until the church called Rev. Daniel M. Smith in February 2010. He was installed June 2010 and is the church’s current shepherd. To date the pastor's office, classrooms, dining area, and kitchen have been completed.

Morning Glory Baptist Church


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